About Us

Fashion with a Purpose

The Iconiq Wear idea originated a couple of years ago by founders, Ahmed & Ayah. They always had a passion for highlighting history, specifically moments that shaped history. Passionate about equal equity, they wanted a way to highlight the icons of our past, present, and future. Icons that shaped history pushing for equality and demanding justice. The idea was to design symbols or silhouettes portraying the Icon and have it printed on shirts. When someone sees the shirt, they right away will know which Icon is being portrayed or they will question to learn more.

In the midst of the global pandemic, the idea came to fruition. Ahmed & Ayah already had many icons in mind - scientists, inventors, musicians, athletes, civil rights leaders, philanthropists. They worked with the incredibly talented artist, Dayo Lash, and had many of the artwork completed. However, the killing of George Floyd changed things a bit. It sparked a new energy globally and Ahmed & Ayah wanted to demand justice through fashion. We call it Fashion with a Purpose. Being supporters of the black lives matter movement and black owned businesses, Ahmed & Ayah took a different route and decided to focus more on Black Icons that shaped history, the black men and black women leaders that pushed for equal equity, changing history.

Iconiq Wear promotes black owned businesses by selling shirts hoodies to the modern man and woman. Portion of our profits will be given back to support the Black community. We are fashion with a purpose.

Our Artist

Dayo is a professional illustrator and architect from Lagos, Nigeria. Coming from an artistic family, design has been a big part of his life. Design is his passion and with that, he's been fortunate enough to illustrate a healthy number of works, including: portraits, logos, comics, graphic novels, children's books, profiles, silhouettes, and building & interior design concepts. Dayo is on an evolving journey of developing his own artistic style. His passion in his artwork is what keeps Iconiq Wear fresh and modern.